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The Silver color in rabbits is caused by the silvering gene. The bunnies that have this gene are born dark colored, but as they mature, silver hairs begin to appear in their coat. Eventually they look like they are sprinkled heavily with tinsel...such a beautiful effect! Of the 47 breeds accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, only two commonly show this color pattern. These two breeds are the Silver and the Silver Fox. Though they seem similar at first glance, as you learn more about these two remarkable breeds, you will find that they are very different! 

Silver RabbitsSilver Rabbit

Senior Weight of 4 to 7 pounds.  (Usually weighs 5-6).

Three varieties: black, brown, and fawn.

Very short, dense, snappy flyback coat.

Muscular, athletic type

Silvering consists of white and white-tipped hairs

Standard does not specify ideal amount of silvering
as long as silvering is even and bright.

Curious, active temperaments

Very old breed whose exact origin is not known,
but was present in England in the late sixteenth century.

Silvered breeds are now bred worldwide, but our version is
only found in the US and UK.

All silvered breeds descended from the Silver.
The Silver Fox RabbitSilver Fox
Senior Weight of 9 to 10 pounds

One recognized variety: black.  Blue Silver Foxes exist but are currently unrecognized.

Long (1 1/2 inch) fur that stands upright to body when stroked from tail to head.  About as opposite a coat from a Silver as you can get.

Commercial type. 

Silvering consists of white ticking.

Standard specifies ideal amount or degree of silvering to strive for.

Docile, low-key temperaments

Developed in 1929 from a combination of several other breeds of the day (including the Silver.)

Found only in America

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More information on the Silver is available here on the NSRC website.

You can learn more about the Silver Fox at their national breed club website: http://nsfrc.com

Visit this page for a more extensive article comparing the two breeds.

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