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Attention show secretaries!   We have one of the lowest sanction fees of any National breed club!   The fee is only $7.00 per show, and youth is added free if requested with open.   Please consider supporting our breed by sanctioning your shows.  Click here to download a printable sanction form.

For members: What does "sanctioned" mean?  If an all-breed rabbit show is sanctioned with the American Rabbit Breeders Association, it can be sanctioned with the NSRC.   That simply means that the show secretary will turn in a report to our club secretary, and members who show there will earn sweepstakes points toward our annual competition.  If an ARBA show is not sanctioned by the NSRC, you can still show your Silvers, but you will not earn national points for them.  You can help out by showing more Silvers and promoting the breed in your area, and if they become more common, they will be more likely to be sanctioned by the local club hosting the show.  Most host clubs also allow you to pay to sanction your breed if you contact them in advance.


The 2018 All Silver National Show will be held on April 21 in Canton, Ohio.

At the Hall of Fame Classic sponsored by the Portage County RBA. 
The English Spot, Havana, Belgian Hare, and Britannia Petite  nationals will also be at this location.

Show Address: Stark County Fairgrounds
305 Wertz Ave NW, Canton OH, 44708.

Please note this is a CHANGE IN DATE from what was previously published.
Click here for the show catalog with details about entries, judges and local hotels.

Entry Deadline is April 6 for Mail-in and April 13 for Paypal Entries.  Details in catalog (above link)

Current 2017-2018 Sweepstakes Standings

Our sweepstakes year runs from July of one year to June of the following year.

Updated 2/20/18


1Joel & Nicole Marshall1751877171100
2Ali Price152083491100
3Tom Schubert63676212900
4Laura & Larry Atkins49582414800
5Carrie Lee Thompson & Greg Faw4294035800
6Roy & Barb Semb4234336300
7Wade Burkhalter, Michelle Bauer, & Sharon Bauer4221001100
8Chase & Patrick Austin3951000100
9Terry & Connie Creason3444414400
10Ryan, Rosalie, Jamie, Noland, and Alex McBride2501000000
11Rosetta Scanlon2493001000
12Lynne & Gale Schultz2441000000
13Mikel & Jennifer Sager2296204100
14Lee Nevills2261000000
15Nancy Richmond1881000100
16Bill & Zayne Hunter1801000000
17Kathy Mannweiler1443303000
18Darlene Wallace1405505000
19Doug & Julie Rummerfield682112000
20Erika Dickerson282000000
21Karen Williams182000000
22Gary & Lauren Pipenhagen151000100


1Jordan Sager6097349400
2Dryden Dickerson1983200000
3Cheyenne Green1801001000
4RaeAnna Buente1643202000
5Aaron Hoover124100000


Upcoming shows sanctioned by the Silver Rabbit Club

Remember, you can still show Silvers at any regular ARBA show, even if the breed is not sanctioned! 


- ARBA District 1 -

(Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska; Canada for Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia; Japan.)

rabbit breeders

- ARBA District 2 -

(California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, and Mexico.)

rabbit breeders

- ARBA District 3 -

( North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, lowa, and Wisconsin.)

rabbit breeders

- ARBA District 4 -

(Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.)

1/20/18 Brighton, CO.  Platte River Rabbit Fanciers.  2 Open, 2 Youth

rabbit breeders

- ARBA District 5 -

(Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.)

2/24/18.  Mt. Vernon, MO.  Northeast MO RBA.  2 Open.

3/03/18.  Palmyra, MO.  Northeast MO RBA.  2 Open

3/10/2018.  Sedalia, MO.  MO State Rabbit Producers.  2 Open

rabbit breeders

- ARBA District 6 -

(Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, and Alabama.)

rabbit breeders

- ARBA District 7 -

(New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Quebec, and east Canada.)

1/6/18 Clyde NY, Rochester RCBA.  2 Open, 2 Youth

rabbit breeders

- ARBA District 8 -

(Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky; Manitoba, and Ontario Canada.)

3/17/18.  Shipshewana, IN.  North Central Indiana RBA.  2 Open, 2 Youth

4/7/18.  Lafayette, IN.  Golden Prarie RBA.  1 Open, 1 Youth.

rabbit breeders

- ARBA District 9 -

( Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, District of Columbia, and other f0reign countries.)

2/3/18. (Saturday)  Lebanon, PA.  PASRBA.  1 Specialty, 1  Open,  1 Youth

2/4/18.  (Sunday) Lebanon, PA.  PASRBA.  1 Specialty, 1  Open,  1 Youth

2/5/18 (Monday) Lebanon, PA.  PA State Farm Show.  1 Open, 1 Youth.

rabbit breeders

show secretaries - click to download a sanction form

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