Rare breed Silver Rabbits with Rich Heritage
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Feast your eyes on the beautiful silver breed
black by jann hallbrown silver  fawn silver

Our  three silver varieties:  Black, Bro
wn, and Fawn.  Photos by Jann Hall

Here's a great close-up photo that shows the Silvering in a Silver's coat.  Click the photo for a larger view.

Photo credit Ute Gillet.  Thanks!

Brown silvering rabbit


Click the button below to see how Silver babies are born solid colored, but grow silvered as they get older.

click for pictures of baby silvers growing up


How about some Silver video?  This is the judging from the 2015 National All Silver Show.


funny rabbit picfunny rabbit picture

2006 youth best silver rabbitbrown best of breed

fawn silver pretty bunnyBrown Silver

black buckblack silver doe

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